Lineage II Prestige Pack

The Prestige Pack contains new and exclusive items designed to help you achieve greatness! Get this recurring pack delivered to you every month.



New and exclusive items that boost vitality, protection, adena amount, drop/spoil rates, and more!
The pack also contains a Prestige Cube that can be used once a day for 30 days. Each day,
heroes can open the cube to get an item. The Prestige Pack will be delivered to you every month.
Use it to become the greatest hero in all the land. Get great new items for an incredible price.
Sign up for yours today!
new & exclusive

Prestige Rune x 1 (30 days)

This new item increases adena drop amount,
item drop rate, and spoil drop rate.
It’s a must for adventurers!

new & exclusive

Prestige Cube x 1 (30 days)

Every day for 30 days, players can open the cube
and get one of any number of great items.

new & exclusive

Erupting Vitality Potion x 10

Increases Vitality Bonus by 100% for 1 hour.

new & exclusive

Divine Protection Elixirs x10

Increases HP/MP/CP/P. Def/M. Def by 30% for 30 min.

Item Prestige Pack Items Quantity Restrictions
Prestige Rune (30-Day):
  • * Adena drop amount +100%
  • * Item drop rate +100%
  • * Spoil drop rate +100%
Prestige Cube:

Open once a day for 30 days
to get one of the following items:

  • 4x Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
  • 2x Energy of Destruction
  • 1x Giant's Energy
  • 1x High-grade Elixir Pack
  • 1x Weapon Enchant Scroll S-grade
  • 1x Weapon Enchant Scroll R-grade
  • 1x Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
  • 1x Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
Erupting Vitality Potion x10

(+100% Vitality bonus for 1 hour)

Divine Protection Elixir x10

(HP/MP/CP/P.Def/M. Def +30% for 30 min)

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