Player Appreciation Pack

Free 1 per account. Available from 8/22 to 9/26. Contains Emperor Weapons (30-day), XP Rune, SP Rune, Vitality Pots, Buffs, and a Cow Agathion Charm.

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Pack Contains the following items

Item Name Qty
Erupting Vitality Potion 20
Emperor Shunaiman Weapon Set (30-day) 1
GM Buff Scroll (Tank) 20
GM Buff Scroll (Warrior) 20
GM Buff Scroll (Wizard) 20
Cow Agathion Charm (Permanent) 1
Mysterious No-Grade Soulshot 200,000
Mysterious No-Grade Blessed Spiritshot 200,000
Rune of Bountiful Growth (30-day) Pack 1
SP Rune 100% (30-day) Pack 1


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