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Aden Prize Wheel FAQ

  • I got an email that says I have a Free Spin on the wheel. What does that mean?
    We’re running a special promotion for the holidays and giving our active mailing list subscribers a free spin on the holiday Aden Prize Wheel.
  • I didn’t get the email. What happened?
    First, be patient. It takes a while for our email program to send out so many emails. If you’re an active member of our mailing list, you should receive the email with the free spin.
  • What’s an “active member” of the mailing list?
    An “active member” is someone who’s opened at least one of our emails that we’ve sent out during the 2013 calendar year, up until 11:59pm CST December 17, 2013. We wanted to include as many of our players as possible in this promotion.
  • Is it really a free spin?
    Yes, it’s a free spin and you will not be charged when you use it. Subsequent spins, however will cost the normal 99 Ncoin per spin.
  • Does this free spin count towards my spins to reach the Gold Wheel?
    Yes, it absolutely does! You should see your spin count increase after you use your free spin.
  • I’ve already spun the Wheel a few times, and I just got the email. Can I still use my free spin code?
    Yes, you can! The free spin code can be used at any time.
  • Do I have to enter the code manually?
    No, you just have to click the code button in the email and you will be redirected to the Wheel. The code will carry over, and you can play as normal. You must click the link included in the email to redeem your free spin.
  • How many times can I use this code?
    You can only use the code one time, so use it wisely!
  • Can I transfer this code to another account?
    No, the code is tied to the account registered to that particular email address.
  • Does the code have an expiration date?
    The code will only work with the holiday version of the Aden Prize Wheel, so you need to use it before the Wheel shuts down on January 2, 2014.
  • How much does it cost to play the Aden Prize Wheel?
    Each spin will cost you 99 NCoin.
  • Who can play the Aden Prize Wheel?
    You need to log in and select a server and level 85 (or higher) character to play Aden Prize Wheel. So, current Lineage® II players that have a level 85 character and enough NCoin™ can play Aden Prize Wheel.
  • How do you play the Aden Prize Wheel?
    Make sure that you are logged into your account and have enough NCoin in your account, and then spin right here on this web page! If you need NCoin, you can buy more through your account.
  • Are there any account or character requirements to play the Aden Prize Wheel?
    Anyone with a Lineage II account in good standing and at least one character level 85 or above can play the game.
  • What are my chances to win a prize?
    You are always guaranteed to get a prize. Every spin’s a win!
  • What is the Gold Wheel?
    The Gold Wheel is a new addition to the Aden Prize Wheel. For every ten spins of the regular wheel, you are eligible for a spin on the Gold Wheel. Spinning the Gold Wheel costs the same as the regular wheel (99 NCoin). The Gold Wheel has an upgraded prize list, with a few unique rewards that are only available when you spin the Gold Wheel.
  • What are the prizes that can be won?
    The prizes are displayed on the Aden Prize Wheel page! We also encourage you to visit our official forums to share what you won with the community and to see what other players won.
  • How do I claim my prize?
    Your prize is automatically delivered to the game character you selected. Log in to the game and go to the Dimensional Merchant NPC to claim your prizes!
  • What happens if my browser crashes while the Aden Prize Wheel is spinning?
    Don’t worry, you won't lose your prize! The system still determines your prize and delivers it to the character that you selected.
  • When can I play the Aden Prize Wheel? Is it permanent?
    The game is open for only a limited time so that we can offer different prizes for each period the Aden Prize Wheel is open.
  • Can I play the Aden Prize Wheel on my mobile phone or tablet?
    Yes. The Aden Prize Wheel game is browser-based. You can play on your phone or tablet's browser.
  • What is NCoin?
    NCoin is virtual currency you use to buy Lineage II items or services in the L2 Store™ and L2 Galleria™.
  • How do I get NCoin?
    Buy NCoin with real world currency from within your NC Account. If you don’t have an NC Account, you can sign up for a new free account!
  • How much NCoin can I buy in one transaction? And is there a minimum NCoin purchase?
    The minimum purchase for NCoin is 400 NCoin. The maximum you can buy in a single purchase is 8,000 NCoin. You can have an unlimited amount of NCoin in your account, however.
  • What is the refund policy on the Aden Prize Wheel?
    All purchases are final. We do not offer refunds for spinning the Aden Prize Wheel.